Mandeville New Construction By Price

Dated: June 17 2018

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Mandeville New Construction by Price

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North of New Orleans' off the Causeway Bridge is the quiet town of Mandeville. Known for the Suburban lifestyle with close access to New Orleans', Mandeville has many New Construction Homes available for occupancy. Price points to meet your budget to decorate and make it your own. For more information on New Construction in Mandeville, contact John Enxing (985)445-7287.

$150,000 to $250,000$250,000 to $300,000$300,000 to $350,000
$350,000 to $400,000$400,000 to $450,000$450,000 to $500,000
$500,000 to $550,000$550,000 to $600,000$600,000 to $650,000
$650,000 to $700,000$700,000 to $750,000$750,000 to $800,000
$800,000 to $850,000$850,000 to $900,000$900,000 and Greater
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John Enxing | Louisiana and Mississippi Licensed

A graduate of the University of Louisiana, Lafayette, John’s employment background includes 9-years active duty as an Air Force Command Pilot in the A-10, C-130, and an Instructor Pilot in the Cessn....

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